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Here you can download the most recent version of OpenGI.

This is the complete source distribution with all examples and documentation. For UNIXs the sources can be built using the usual configure/make procedure. For Windows there is a project solution for VS 2005. See the README file for more information. Please let me know if you make any modifications to the source code, so I can possibly make the changes official and others can profit from them, too. Currently the project has only been tested on 32-bit Linux and Windows XP. Please contact me if you have any problems, successes or suggestions testing it on other platforms.

 → OpenGI 2.1.1 sources (zip)
 → OpenGI 2.1.1 sources (tar.gz)

For 32-bit Windows there is also a binary distribution, that just contains the LIBs, DLLs and the Header file. It has been built with VS 2005 but statically linked against the C-Runtime. But as this version uses only 2 threads and does not make use of SSE instructions, you should build the library from source to better adapt to your system.

 → OpenGI 2.1.1 Win32 binaries (.zip)

If you are interested in previous versions of the library, see the

 → SourceForge download page